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My name is Jordan Geneve
and I'm an IT student

A little bit about me

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Hello ! My name is Jordan Geneve and I live in Annecy, France. I'm a second-year university student in computer science, in the IUT of Annecy-Le-Vieux, France, and I was born in January 4th, 1997 so I'm 19 years old. On my spare time, I'm working on personal projects, lifting weights, watching series and films, playing a bit at games and doing my homerworks of course.
After graduation, i would like to study abroad and do my bachelor's degree in Sweden to improve my english skill and meet a new cultrure. I love to travel, I already travelled in Japan, Spain, England, Dominican Republic ... With familly or only with friends. I'm motivated to reach a master in computer science, here, in France, or in Sweden if I can.

I'm orderly, methodical and I have strong organizational skills. But I'm also an innovative people, dynamic and a hard worker : I can spend hours on a project.


Education & qualifications

IUT - University of Savoie - Annecy, France
University technical diploma in computer enginnering (2 years)
2015Baccalaureat S option SI
Lachenal High Scool - Argonay, France
High school diploma specialized in enginnering science

Work experiences

2016 - 2017 FI-AI (alumni university association) : C# .NET Website
IUT-Annecy-Le-Vieux, France. Team working
Designing a website for the FIAI. The Alumni Association of the IT department (Using .NET language, with HTML5/CSS3 and JAVASCRIPT/JQUERY)


Technical skills


I can design a reponsive website, with a graphical charter and do some design


I can design dynamic website with PHP or PHP object


I can create a dynamic website, with beautiful effects and animations


I can make an application or a web application with C# or ASP.NET


I can create a database with SQL language (Oracle, Postgresql, SQL Server ...)


I can design quickly a website with the CMS Wordpress or Joomla

Adobe Creative Suite

I can do several things with it, like drawing pictures, animations, video editing ...


french flag english flag spain flag
French : Mother Tongue English : B2 Spanish : A2



Since more than a year, I'm going the weight room with friends. I'm going in regularly, 3 times per week, that is something than allow me to escape of all troubles of the life and release the preasure of school. Moreover, it enables me to keep a healthy body and like Juvénal said : " A healthy spirit in a healthy body. "
I also practiced football in a club when I was younger, during 7 years, that taught me a lot. It taught me the respect of others, the team spirit and the team work and the surpassesing of myself.

Get in touch

The fastest way to get a response from me is to send me an email. I will try my best to respond to
your email in less than 24 hours.

Or if email is not your thing, you can try to contact me though social media.

You can contact those two references to know more about me